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Phlebectomy  (PRE-OP) Instructions

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  • If you are on any anti-coagulants (blood thinners) we will need you to stop 24 hours prior your appointment unless otherwise instructed.

  • You may take all other medications as prescribed up to and including the day of the procedure.

  • If you have hair on your legs, we will need you to shave the leg that is to be treated the night before. For longer hair it is easiest to use clippers first (if you have them), then use a razor.



  • Arrive at the office 15 minutes before your appointment time on day of your procedure.

  • Please allow approximately one & half hours to two hours for your procedure.

  • You may eat & drink the morning of the procedure, however avoid caffeine intake.  Plenty of water is recommended.

  • If you already have compression stockings DO NOT wear them the day of your procedure.  This will compress your veins making it more difficult during your procedure.

  • Walking and standing the day before and the day of is also recommended.

  • If you are taking any sedatives the day of, you MUST have a driver.

  • Wear loose fitting open shoes (flip flops/ open sandals) to accommodate the compression bandages on foot after procedure.


Please call if you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment.  If you need to change your appointment, you MUST give our office 48 hours prior so that we may adjust our schedule. 

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