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Sclerotherapy (POST-OP) Instructions

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1. Ace bandages will be applied immediately after treatment. This wrap should be snug and remain in place for 24 hours. Support or compression hose may be worn over this wrap, but is not necessary. After 24 hours, the Ace wrap should be removed, and the support hose should be worn for one more week.

2. For larger veins, it is recommended wearing compression hose for 2 weeks. After healing you may use them for long trips or when your legs ache.

3. Immediately after the treatment, you will be required to walk for 10 to 30 minutes (unless otherwise specified). Be sure to have loose-fitting slacks and comfortable walking shoes.

4. Leg elevation is unnecessary, and in fact, may promote clot formations.

5. Normal activity is encouraged. Avoid prolong standing and sitting during the first 48 hours after your treatment. Walk at least one hour every day – the more the better!

6. You may resume high impact exercise after 4-5 days as long as you wear your compression stockings.

7. If re-treatment is necessary, it may be performed at 6-8-week intervals for previously treated areas. Untreated areas may be treated weekly.

8. Bruising and discoloration are common after sclerotherapy. These issues will resolve over the course of a few weeks. It is very important to avoid sun exposure to the treated areas. Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation (skin darkening). Wear protective clothing and a broad-spectrum sun block for at least one month after treatment.

9. Avoid hot baths, hot tubs, and long showers for 2 weeks. Cool your legs with cold water after each shower.

10. Pain after treatment is usually minimal and goes away after 1-2 days. If you experience discomfort, you may take a Tylenol or Extra-Strength Tylenol. If you experience significant pain, redness, swelling, crusting, or bleeding, call our office immediately.

11. The treated veins will start to look worse before they get better. The will appear dark blue to blackish in color. This means the treatment worked. If there are any large dark bubbled areas, let the office know and we will bring you back in to express these areas to promote faster healing.

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