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Sclerotherapy (PRE-OP) Instructions

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Sclerotherapy: Patient Instructions Pre-Treatment:

1. Avoid alcohol, ibuprofen, Aleve, vitamin E, Ginseng, garlic, gingko or any other “blood thinner” for 5 days prior to procedure until 2 days after to reduce the chance of bruising.

2. Avoid Aspirin and products containing aspirin for 2 weeks before your treatment. If these products were prescribed by your physician, stop using them only if your prescribing physician approves, then resume them 48 hours after your procedure.

3. You should not have a tan at the time of your treatment. Avoid sun exposure on the legs for 1
month prior to your treatment.

4. Before your appointment, shower and was your legs thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. Do not apply any cream or lotion to your legs. Try to avoid shaving and moisturizers the day before, the day of and the day after your procedure

5. Bring a comfortable and loose pair of shorts to wear during your treatment. Wear a loose skirt or pants to the office.

6. You will need to have compression stockings for the next day, 20-30 mmHG.

7. Try not to smoke 2 days prior and after your treatment, since this may impair your healing

8. Eat a light meal and stay hydrated. DO NOT FAST.

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