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The genetic nature of venous disease.


Venous Disease is a general term used to indicate any number of different vein diseases. Varicose Veins and Spider Veins are 2 among over 20 diseases related to the Venous System. These are the most common, but in general, all Venous Diseases have to do with the malfunctioning of the vein structures whether it be blockages or vein inflammation, it all leads to insufficient blood flow and blood routing or circulation. These conditions manifest numerous symptoms and are often mss diagnosed; hence the need for real professional specialists like Venous Solutions. In general, however, when looking for the right treatment provider be sure they have the right credentials such as:

        American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography ARDMS/RDMS

  • RVT – Registered Vascular Technologist

  • RDCS – Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

  • RDMS – Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – BR (Breast), AB (Abdomen), OB/GYN

        Cardiovascular Credentialing International CCI

  • RVS – Registered Vascular Specialist

  • RCS – Registered Cardiac Sonographer

  • RPhS – Registered Phlebology Sonographer


Family History has a major impact on Venous Disease. Statistics have shown that almost 50% of varicose vein patients have a family history of varicose veins. If both parents have varicose veins, your chances to develop the disease are close to 90%. If one parent is affected, daughters have a 60% chance while sons have a 25% chance of developing the disease. If you are concerned about your family history with varicose veins contact Venous Solutions today to get your FREE vein screening. (SOURCE:


Sick and tired of not being able to sleep at night because of an uncomfortable sensation in your legs? Consider Restless Leg Syndrome and its link to Vein disease. Of all the symptoms this one can be the most aggravating and disruptive of all. There is evidence of a link between venous disease and restless leg syndromes, such as varicose veins and lymphedema. Both cause pain, heaviness, and discomfort in the legs, further keeping you up at night. Venous disease for restless legs is often overlooked by physicians. Vein disease, in general, is also under-diagnosed and under-treated across all demographics. If you are suffering from staying up at night because of leg discomfort contact Venous Solutions today! Peaceful sleep could be one procedure away!

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